Artist Statement:
I use color, texture and abstract shapes in my paintings to describe experiences in a new way, a journal of "the life" as I see and experience it.
My process is sample and direct, The paintings are inspired by the visual and tactile world around me. I love to paint and for me the painting process is a form of meditation. I create a rich palette of color and textures on my surfaces using multiple layers of modeling paste, gesso and paint. Acrylic paint allows me great freedom and flexibility in the process . Each day I want to come back to see what's happening next in the paintings. This dialogue with the surface of the work communicates with my viewers in the universal language of their memory and feelings.

Raphael Bernadin
Born in Port au prince, Haiti came to United state in 1978.
Lived in Brooklyn until 1990.
He has been painting for more than 20 years. He received his training at Brooklyn Museum Art School and Graphic Art Photography at Manhattan School of Printing.

1983 Botanical Garden Brooklyn , Ny
1983 Fulton Art- Fair Brooklyn, Ny

1986 Brooklyn Museum Art school. Brooklyn, Ny.
1985 Manhattan School Of Printing . Nyc.
Graphic Art Photography.
2002 Essex County College. Newark, Nj

1979 Review" Contemporary Haitians artists" Jean Bartraville
La Nouvelle Haiti Tribune Newyork 15/30 June 1979.
1983 Review " Essence of Caribbean Contemporary Art"
Karim Lipson.
His works are in many private collection.

Client's Comments:


By Robin-Steele...

taking a great picture back to england with fond memories of New York...!
Jill Hangreaves
Beautiful work...! Rose Baker
I'm so excited to have one of your paintings... Isabelle Krusen
Raphael, thank you so much I really like your art... best wishes C. Thomas
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